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List of Our Free and Paid Mockup

This page will guide you through all of our provided products on our website including our free mockup. If you want to check all of our mockups on one page, please click on this link, it will redirect you to a page which will show all of our provided mockups. And if want to know more about our website and what do we provide, please click here.

Okay, next we will start to classify our type of mockups we provided, but if you want to go directly to our store on Gumroad, please click on this link, and enjoy your stay.

List of content :
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1. Type of Mockup

Free Mockup
Free For Personal Use Mockup (FPP)
Regular and Extended Mockup

2. Mockup Categories

Device Mockup
iPhone Mockup
iPad Mockup
iMac Mockup
MacBook Pro Mockup
MacBook Air Mockup
Social Media Mockup

Paper and Book Mockup
Business Card Mockup
Bifold Brochure Mockup
Curriculum Vitae Mockup
Flyer Mockup
Magazine Mockup
Wedding Invitation Mockup
Poster Mockup
Book Cover Mockup
Event Ticket Mockup

Clothing mockup
T-Shirt Mockup
Face Mask Mockup

Packaging Mockup
Square Box Mockup
Rectangular Box Mockup
Mug Mockup
Shopping Bag Mockup
Snack Packaging Mockup
Food Box Mockup
Shoe Box Mockup
Body Wash Mockup
Chocolate Mockup
Coffee Cup Mockup
Coffee Packaging Mockup
Cream Mockup
Digital Product Mockup
Paper Bag mockup
Pizza Box Mockup
Shampo Mockup
Soft Drink Cup Mockup

1. Type of Mockup

We divide the type of our mockups based on the licensing that is applied. All of mockups came with 4 different variations of licensing, which are freebies (completely free to use), free for personal use (FFP), regular and extended. The next sections will give more information about it.

Free Mockup

Free, free, and freebies for you to start making your design with a more realistic preview. We made some of our provided free mockup for you to use as stated in the extended license but without charging you anything. So, there is no need to worry whether our mockup will please you or not, you can just try to pick some of our free mockup first. Click on this link to redirect you to the freebies section for more of our free stuff.

Free For Personal Use Mockup (FPP)

FPP stands for free for personal use, so if our mockup marked with (FPP) word it means you can use it freely as for personal matter as stated in our Personal use license term. Are there are not many choices available for you to choose from our free mockups before you want to buy our awesome mockups? Well don’t worry, we provide you with more of our free stuff. If you want to get more selection of our free mockup, just go to this link here.

Regular and Extended Mockup

All our mockups have come with these 2 licensing options (except the freebies one, but even the freebie using extended licensing). the regular one cost you $3 and the extended one cost you $15. There is no need to link back to us if you already buy one of these licensing, but there are still different limitations applied to both of the licensing. for the more about the licensing, check the licensing page here. To see all of our provided products, just get it via this link here.

2. Mockup Categories

We divide all of our products into 3 kinds of products. The first one is the “device mockups“, “packaging mockups” and the last one is “paper and book mockup“.

Device mockups

Device mockup is just as the title says. It is the mockups that are created from a device picture. These kinds of mockups will give you a very clearly preview of how your design will look in the chosen device. For now, there are 5 types of devices + 1 Social Media on a device which are iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and also a Social Media Mockup.

● iPhone Mockup

Here you go our first device mockups. They are iPhone or most people say a smartphone mockups. your design like app design, your artwork, or maybe a branding design will be perfectly fit in these mockups. We provide both white iPhone mode and the black one, so pick out your choice on this link.

● iPad Mockup

The next device we did use to become our chosen device mockup is an iPad. You can start showing your design with this cool modified iPad mockup, to make your design will become more elegant and will be attractive. And If you are interested in the iPad mockup that we provided, go to our iPad Mockup selection list.

● iMac Mockup

Our iMac mockups are one of our best products too. These mockups will surely raise the attention which you can get from whoever sees it. It will make your design stand out as your design will be like the main actor in a movie. Also, we made most of our mockup with a clear background which you can easily alter it or put some clip art or another post-design stuff to make your design looks out of the box and fresh. For these awesome mockups, click here to get more choices of them.

● MacBook Pro Mockup

Next is the MacBook Pro mockup. There is a lot of angles you can choose from our provided mockup. These mockups will make your design looks professional without so much trouble in showing your design in the real world. It is good for promoting your awesome brand design on social media posts. If you interested in this type of mockup, please click on this link.

● MacBook Air Mockup

The next provided device mockups are the MacBook Air mockups. These are one of the cool devices that we make into an awesome MacBook Air mockup. Are you looking to get more positive attention for your brand? Well put up this mockup and your design will surely be displayed more elegantly in our MacBook Air mockup. More of these Macbook Air mockups can be found by clicking here.

● Social Media Mockup

Social media mockups are an essential tool for designers, freelancers, or any other occupation that have a relation with creative work. These Mockups will give a nice preview of a published post. This kind of post is mostly created by business owners and also to the social media manager. As the constant change in creative work, this kind of mockup will surely have their charm to grab the post’s viewer and of course, raise the engagement of your products. Click here For more of these nice social media mockups.

Paper and Book Mockup

Besides the device mockup, our provided mockup has also consisted of either paper-based mockups or book mockups. These mockups are business card, bifold brochure, curriculum vitae, flyer, magazine, wedding invitation, poster mockups, Book Cover Mockup, and an Event Ticket Mockup. You can get more information about those mockups below.

● Business Card Mockup

The first one from our paper and book mockup is a business card mockup. A business card is like the face of your business. So in order to get more appeal to your potential costumers, it needs to be having a simple but eyecatching design. You can use these mockups to get more clean preview and professional looks at your business card design. For more mockups like these, go to this page here.

● Bifold Brochure Mockup

Are you promoting your product or maybe your company profile over a bifold brochure? Well if you plan to put it as advertisement over the internet, these mockups will surely raise the effectiveness of your design to make more people notice your brand. So do not miss this mockup if you planning on making an awesome advertisement preview. This page here is showing more preview of our bifold brochure mockups.

● Curriculum Vitae Mockup

By using these mockups to create stunning resumes, you can win over employers’ attention to become one of the best candidates rather than the other applicants. As curriculum vitae is the summary of your qualifications, it would be best to present it with perfection. With these mockups, your CV design will surely become more attractive rather than the normal one, so if you want to get check more preview available of it, go to the link here.

● Flyer Mockup

Do you want to start any event or maybe for your next branding project? These photo-realistic mockups will be perfectly fitting your needs. These flyer mockup will make your event flyer will look more stunning and of course, will raise the attention of the prospective participants of your upcoming events. So do not miss this one and for more preview just click on here.

● Magazine Mockup

Are you making a magazine or book design and wanted to make cool looks of your ads on the internet? Well, these mockups will do it for you. Just put the design of yours on these clean and cool mockups and your design will give more professional looks and of course will raise the attractiveness of your design for your potential customer. This page here will show you another angle of these mockups for you to use.

● Wedding Invitation Mockup

Share the best preview of your wedding invitation design with these wedding invitation mockups. These mockups including an invitation and also reservation postcard to put your stunning design on. Try to get more heartwarming looks of your invitation design on these wedding invitation mockups. Click here for more of these kinds of mockups.

● Poster Mockup

With these poster mockups, you do not need to imagine how your awesome design will look on the real world. These mockups will simply do the hard work of displaying it for you. You can present your design with more professional looks to your clients and they will be really satisfied with seeing the design you made in these photo-realistic with clear background mockup. Do not miss these awesome simple mockups, just go to this page for more stuff like on the preview.

● Book Cover Mockup

Start to boost your sales by using our book cover mockups! These easy and highly customizable mockups will surely meet your expectation. Whether you need to promote a physical book or maybe an e-book, these mockups of books will surely fill your need as we made them with so many angles and scenes. Even your writing is really good, without proper promotion and design, your products will look pales when compared to others in the market. So don’t miss these opportunities to start your bookselling career, start applying your design on these mockups, promote it, and wait for your sales to rose.

● Event Ticket Mockup

Do you intend to start an awesome party? Well, this mockup is a must-have item for you. No matter how small or big your event is, a ticket is important stuff to check whether the guest is invited or not, and also a vital point in persuading the potential guest to attend your event. with these mockups tickets of us, you can apply your awesome design of a ticket and then start to promote your event via social media or even using ads to get more exposure about the event you did make. For more of these kinds of ticket mockups, just go to this link here.

Clothing mockup

We divide our clothing mockups as two main kinds of product which is face mask and t-shirt. You can click on this link for t-shirt and this one for face mask.

Will your design fit on the clothing before you print it? Which position is the best one to put your design on? How nice your design will look in the real world? Well, these mockups will answer all of those questions. With just inserting your design to our clothing mockup, you will have the answer to those questions above. So do not miss these chances of presenting your design more realistically. For more stuff in the clothing type of mockups, this link will take you there, just click it.

Packaging Mockup

Your awesome brand design will be looked very professional with these packaging types of mockups that we provide for you. The packaging we provide for now including a square box, rectangular box, a coffee mug, shopping bag, snack packaging, food box, shoe box mockups, Chocolate Mockup, Coffee Cup Mockup, Coffee Packaging Mockup, Cream Mockup, Digital Product Mockup, Paper Bag mockup, Pizza Box Mockup, Shampoo Mockup and also Soft Drink Cup Mockup.These mockups will surely make your design stand out when you put your design out, so never miss this chance to do so.

● Square Box Mockup

Sometime a simple mockup will bring more impression to your branding design. So don’t underestimate this kind of simple mockup, with it characteristic of simple but pleasing and soft for the eye, it will bring more audience to look for further information about your product when your product’s design is put on this mockup. So grab it fast, and click here for more version of it.

● Rectangular Box Mockup

And here we go, another simple packaging mockup which now comes with a more rectangular shape. The Inspiration for making this mockup is the same with the rectangular box before, but, we did make it so that our customers will be having more options to choose between our kinds of packaging mockups. For more of it, just go to this page here.

● Mug Mockup

The next one is a mug mockup. Everyone loves mugs and so do us. That is why we made these mockups for everyone to use. Also, another reason we are making these packaging mockups because without showing a real-world example of your design, it is hard for people to imagine how would the awesome design you have will blend in the real world. So, grab these mockups here, put your design on, and enjoy a more realistic preview of yours.

● Shopping Bag Mockup

Now we introducing our brand new packaging mockups which is shopping bag mockups. We made these paper-based elegant shopping bag mockups because we do encourage everyone to use less plastic and use more eco-bag which is more healthy for both of the worlds and also ourselves. That is why if you also love the green living and have a design which is can be implemented on paper-based shopping bag mockups, these elegant shopping bag mockups will be perfectly fit your needs. For more of these awesome mockups, click here.

● Snack Packaging Mockup

Do you want to start a business of making snacks but kind of confused on how your design would look like on the real-life view? Well, these snack packaging mockups are what you need. With these simple-looking snack packaging mockups, your design will surely look like one of those bestseller snacks and you can show a more professional view of your ads if you did some internet marketing promotion. Grab these simple but cool looking snack packaging mockups here.

● Food Box Mockup

In promoting your food product, the packaging always plays an important role to get the attention of your consumer. Mostly the food packaging including the nutrient content, ingredient, expiry dates, and also other needed information. So with these mockups, you can see how your packaging design will look on the photorealistic mockup preview, and you can use these previews to increase the engagement of your product especially if featured on your social media post. Click here for more packaging like on the example.

● Shoe Box Mockup

Starting a shoe business and do not know how to design a powerful preview of your brand? Well, do not be panic and just check these awesome shoe box mockups. With the nice view of these simple but elegant shoe box mockups, your design will surely stand above the other brand. Grab these awesome mockups here.

● Body Wash Mockup

Do you make a body wash branding? Well, these mockups of ours will surely meet your expectations. With their clean looks and also easy to customize, your product will sale will rose and of course, your sale will be increased too. So don’s miss these body wash mockups and start telling the world about your brand and your product.

● Chocolate Mockup

Do you want to make your chocolate brand looks more realistic and appealing? well, you have come to the right place! We offer a lot of choices for the chocolate packaging mockup. We even put some of the chocolate samples, and what’s more? With our highly customizable chocolate mockup, you can change the color into any kind of chocolate you made! Start from milky chocolate, the regular brown one, or even the candy-colored chocolate, the choice is yours to decide! So don’t miss these lovely chocolate mockups which start from only $3 for the regular license.

● Coffee Cup Mockup

A coffee cup mockup, what else needed to say about there? No matter how many words I said would be able to cover the greatness of coffee. With our highly customizable coffee mockup, it will show the more inspiring aura of your coffee branding design! So don’t miss these lovely clean coffee cup mockups and start to customize it so your coffee brand design will stand out much much more than any other.

● Coffee Packaging Mockup

Before, we made a Coffee cup mockup to start making your coffee branding design much more lovely, didn’t we? We don’t stop at that point and we also provide a coffee packaging mockup! Like always, you know the routine. First, put your branding on these clean and easily customizable coffee packaging mockups. Then post it to your social media account. And voila, your brand will start rising and get the attention of everyone who sees your brand! So Just choose your packaging mockup here and start pouring your branding ideas on this awesome mockup.

● Cream Mockup

A Lovely and simple cream mockup. The cream is used by any kind of age nowadays start from a baby to the elder. Both men and women are also can’t detach themself from the usefulness of cream effect. There is a lot of reason for using those cream including to remove your acne, make face glowing, blocking bad UV from the sun and many more. With these cream mockups, you can make an appealing promotion of your cream branding. Do not hesitate on using our lovely cream mockup and just go here for more items like these.

● Digital Product Mockup

We are sure that everyone has one or two things that they are best at and wanting share about it with the other. As the internet nowadays is almost used by everyone and the effect of this growing technology is even affect the one that does not even know the internet at all, we decide to make these digital product mockups. If you want to start your e-course to share with others about your knowledge, these clean mockups will surely meet your expectation. So, just use these digital product mockups of us, start sharing and coaching the other within the world about the stuff that you have the most knowledge of.

● Paper Bag mockup

Hey hey hey, check out these clean and highly customizable paper bag mockup. Do you sell some nice snacks and want to get the world to know about it? Then, what are you waiting for? Just use these simple paper bag mockups, start applying your design here, and share it with everyone in the world so we know more about your awesome snack branding!

● Pizza Box Mockup

“Pizza is a lifestyle, pizza is life itself” well do you ever heard those quotes? Even if you not, you must never miss the greatness of a slice of pizza. Those creamy cheese on top of it, and those soft and juicy meat and much more stuff stuffed in this lovely food. So to make the pizza brand more attractive at the promotion especially your brand, we created these clean pizza box mockups. Just pick the one (or two) your favorite pizza box mockup, and then start putting your awesome design on these highly customizable pizza box mockup.

● Shampoo Mockup

And the next one is a shampoo bottle mockup. These photorealistic, simple, and also can be customized easily bottle mockup will surely make your design stand out from the other’s brand. You can start changing the bottle color, background, and even the bottle cap. And these adorable shapes can satisfy your needs as this bottle can be used for lotion, shampoo, body wash, and the other else. So just pick out these shampoo bottle mockups and start applying your awesome design on these products.

● Soft Drink Cup Mockup

Here you go, a lovely plastic cup mockup. Do you start a lemonade business or maybe any other fruit juice? Well, you can start promoting your store with these lovely soft drink cup mockups. With these photorealistic mockups, you can start to make promotion and start to expand your business by getting the attention of your potential customer using these mockups as a showcase of your awesome product brand. Just click here for more angle or position of these mockups.

So these are the type of the mockup we did provide on our website for now. As of now, we are already made more 1000 mockups, but not all of it posted on this site. If you do have any interest in our mockups and want to see more of it, just drop us a message via the contact section. All of those mockups is genuinely ours, if you have any doubt about it, please check our SOP on making the mockups here.

And lastly, if you have any questions regards of product, you can go to the contact section or just click here. we will try our best to make you feel contempt about our created design. And again I’ll try to remind you, never forget to check the freebie one as you can start to try our mockups without spent any penny.

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