Responsive Devices Mockup Volume 10

General Introduction of Our Website

What are you provide on your website?

For now, our team mainly focusing on creating a lot of awesome and clear mockups (mock ups) PSD. For the list of mockups that we provide for you, check out this link.

What are mock ups?

Mockups / mock ups are a great way to showcase any kind of design. They are a readymade image that you can insert your design into and showing your design more realistically. We, right now only provide clean mockups to give our consumers more flexibility in showing off your design. You can add your logo, app design, your artwork, and any kind of design in these mockups. the mockup we provide is available in PSD mockup. If you want to browse all of our provided mockups or buy it, please click this link.

What software do I need to work with those PSD mockups?

We recommend using Adobe Photoshop to work easily with those mockups as we made mockups with Photoshop too. The minimum Photoshop version you can use to work with our mockup is Photoshop CS4.

How do I use mock ups? Is it complicated?

It’s really simple to use it. That is why everyone using mockups to speed up the process of making your design more appealing in a realistic way. We will demonstrate it for you using one of our product.

  • First, you just need to open the photoshop file we provide after you buy PSD Mockup from our site (or use the free one).
  • Then, change the smart object which named “PLACE DESIGN HERE”, then click twice on “YOUR DESIGN (click 2x)”.
  • Next, Delete Folder named “DELETE THIS” to remove our previously created design.
  • And then, Place your design above layer “PUT YOUR DESIGN HERE”
  • Save it, and open the previous tab of your Photoshop, and you can see your design will be showed realistically on the device mockup we provide.
  • As we provide a clear mockup template for you to use, you can add more stuff like promotional text, some clip art, and also other post-design items to make your design more appealing.
  • If you worry about not know how to use our mockup, you should feel at ease as we provide every product of us with a more detailed PDF help file.

Where can I apply the mockups with my design in?

Anywhere. But we come with 2 licensing for now (and if we do change our licensing term, you’ll stick with the term when you bought our product), you can click it here for more details.

How can I tell that this website is safe for getting our mockups?

We know our website is still new on the internet and kind of not trustworthy as of right now. So that’s why for the marketing stuff, we use a third-party awesome website called Gumroad. Our website is just a showcase of our mockups product and we won’t hold your payment information. Just rest assured when you bought our mockups 🙂 .

Now, what is Gumroad, how can I tell that website is safe?

It is one of the largest marketplaces that creators put their product on. As of now, the website claim that they already generated more than $300 million (wow). And if you still not sure is whether Gumroad is safe or not, you can click on this link out to see more details on how they work.

How to buy PSD Mockup from your site?

First, you just click the product which you want and then click on download now, our website will safely redirect you to our store in Gumroad and then you can safely buy our product. Gumroad will then provide you with a really easy payment solution. You just need to fill your payment information pay it and the product is yours to use based on the licensing you chose. If you still have a problem in buying at the gumroad, please click this link.

I don’t like the mockups and want to ask for a refund, is it possible?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you feel that our mockups did not meet your expectation (as long as the reason is make sense for us), please issue the refund via Gumroad (before 7 days from the date of the purchase you made) and we will process it as soon as possible. To get more details on how to issues a refund, Click this link.

Is these mockup is legal?

Our mockup is 100% genuine products created by our team from the 3D models to the final products. Our team is consists of 3D sculptor, 3D renderer, illustrator, and  Photoshop expert. To see more about our workflow, you can check this link out.

how about the licensing of your mockups?

We offer 2 kinds of licensing which grouped regular and extended versions. To see more about our licensing plan please click on this link.

Is these mockups can be used for private and commercial projects?

Yes, it is, based on the licensing plan you picked after you buy PSD Mockup from our website. Check this link out to see more details of our licensing plan.

Do I need to give attribution when I buy PSD Mockup?

No attribution or link back to this site is required. but like any creator hope, any credit will be much appreciated so we can get more exposure to our product and it will become our fuel to work harder to provide you more versions of the mockup 🙂 .

Do you offer free stuff?

Of course, we do, to show the freebies we have to offer, please click on this link. (the licensing is the same as the regular one, and you don’t have to attribution or link back to use it, but it will be much appreciated if you did give attribution to us 🙂 ).

Do you accept on making custom mockups?

We would love to do so, just contact us at the contact section here if you have any project in which you need a custom mockup too.

I still have many questions regards your products before I made any purchase, where do I ask?

We will gladly try to resolve your problem by contacting us from this link . You may also directly contact one of our staff at if you prefer to contacting via e-mail :).

And also many thanks to the website that mentioning us which are :

We are open to more collaboration! Contact us here, or drop a message to :).

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